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Mesquite, NV City Attorney Attempt To Unseat Mayor Questioned.

Editor note: As a rule, we do not publish anonymous editorials or opinion pieces. However, this is an essential issue that the public should understand better.

We do agree with “Truth Seeker,” statement in his demand that elected official comes clean on their investigation into this situation and ask that the Mayor and each member of the Council give their own opinion on this issue.

We are further bothered by an announcement that a Mesquite Police Officer, resigned his position to run for a  City Council position. The Mayor and Police chief should clarify if this was a voluntary decision or if he was required to resign to run.

By: Truth Seeker <>

Who can we turn to for non-biased interpretation of the law – when the city attorney is the one violating the law?

Was the following part of the Mesquite city code somehow overlooked or ignored?

“No employee of the city or officer thereof, excluding city council members, receiving compensation under the provisions of this Code or any other City ordinance, shall be a candidate for or eligible for the Office of Council member or Mayor without first resigning from City employment or City office.”

Did [Robert] Sweetin resign from his position as city attorney before declaring his candidacy for Mayor?

Robert Sweetin

Since he was present at the last city council meeting, I’m assuming he did not. Now we candidate who knowingly violates the very same law he could possibly swear an oath to uphold. Mr. Sweetin either thinks the citizens are Mesquite are too stupid understand he is in violation or he doesn’t care because he feels he is above the law.

Moreover, think of the ramifications for our city if we elect an individual who lacks such integrity and bends the city code and city charter to fit his own agenda.

I demand to know why none of our elected officials are investigating this?

Then again, how can we blame them? The city attorney is the one they would turn to for clarification.

Can you see the conflict? That is another reason why the city code is written the way it is.

I can’t honestly say if it’s worse to have him employed as city attorney or elected as Mayor. For years he’s acted as a politician – throwing his opinion on the city, instead of advising Council. Reaching out to his supporters behind closed doors to help do his various dirty work.

Last meeting, our City Manager tried to do the right thing by excusing Mr. Sweetin’s wife from a city project, because of how her involvement could be perceived with her husbands recent candidacy.

Instead of seeing the logic in this, the Sweetin’s took this opportunity to personally attack the City Manager accusing him of gender inequality.

This seems to be the standard way the Sweetin’s deal any unfavorable decision – personally attacking anyone with an opinion contrary to their own, another disastrous quality for a Mayor.

Assuming he somehow convinces everyone he is exempt from the City Code, we will take this matter to the Clark County Election Department – and if that fails, we will pursue every legal avenue available to us.

I sent a similar email to Mayor Litman last week, asking him to correct the error made by the city clerks office in allowing Mr. Sweetin register. Shortly after the city declared an emergency and I understand our officials have been more than a little preoccupied.

I sent an email to Mesquite Local news (Letter to the Editor), but I’m assuming since I didn’t receive a reply from Barb, she is either blinded by Mr. Sweetin or afraid of him. (People typically fall into these two categories, myself being in the latter – hence the reason for the anonymous email.)

However, I am now calling upon Council and City Manager to help those of us questioning why no one else seems to care about this? And incase that fails you’ll notice that I have also cc’d several media outlets.

I have no delusions that this email won’t be shared with Mr. Sweetin and I hope it bothers him knowing that someone he thinks strongly supports him –  is actually strongly advocating against him.

Because it’s the right thing to do.

Mesquite is a wonderful city! – full amazing and giving people. We deserve leaders willing to fight for what’s best for us. We placed that trust in you by electing you.

Please don’t disappoint us.

Thank you!

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Michael McGreer Mesquite, Nevada
Dr. Michael Manford McGreer is managing editor of and writes on issues that impact public policy.

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