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Nevada’s Cult Mistress Runs for Governor

CARSON CITY, Nev. — As Andrew Davey wrote about the Cult Mentality, Nevada’s Cult Mistress Republican Michele Fiore announced her plan to run for Governor.

In April 2014, Republican Fiore, who once represented Clark County Assembly District 4 (Las Vegas), showed up at the Bundy Bunch sedition site and ended up on MSNBC yelling at host Chris Hayes. Several times Hayes tried to focus the discussion on Bundy’s rejection of federal government authority, but Fiore would interrupt, shouting, “we will not allow governance by gunpoint.”

Fiore with Ammon

In January 2016, Fiore joined other far-right like-minded individuals via telephone in a “fact-finding mission” to visit Ammon and Ryan Bundy and other militants illegally occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon. [viii]

On June 6, 2020, Clark County Republican Convention, Fiore allegedly made “racially charged remarks.” The Clark County Republican Party itself released a statement criticizing her remarks.[ix]

Following the unrest and riots resulting from the death of George Floyd, conservative talk show host Wayne Allyn Root organized a Blue Lives Matter march on Las Vegas Blvd scheduled for June 13, 2020, of which Fiore was to be a co-host. Following the  postponement of the event the next day, Las Vegas NAACP President Roxann McCoy issued a news release,[x]

“The NAACP Las Vegas is appalled that Las Vegas, Nevada City Council members Mayor Pro Tem Michelle Fiore, Councilwoman Victoria Seaman, Councilman Stavros Anthony do not care to understand Black citizens of Las Vegas and the injustices we constantly endure.”

Days after the storming of the United States Capitol encouraged by Donald Trump, Fiore attended the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting on Amelia Island, Florida, where she told the New York Times, “I surely embrace President Trump.[xi]

The FBI is currently investigating Fiore. The FBI is probing her campaign finance records and tales of physical confrontations with a former political ally at City Hall. The Las Vegas Review-Journal has reported that agents have subpoenaed records and searched Fiore’s home in northwest Las Vegas.

“I’ve spent my whole life fighting the establishment,” Fiore says in a campaign video released Tuesday, standing in front of a Ford F-150 adorned with a Trump 2024 bumper sticker. “We need outsiders, fighters, not the same old boring, moderate, compromise blue-blazer politicians.”

The video shows Fiore walking through the desert in a red dress with a handgun strapped to her waist that she unholsters to fire at bottles labeled “vaccine mandates,” “critical race theory,” and “voter fraud.”

Those individuals choosing to vote for a Republican will choose between Dean Heller, Nevada’s Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee, Reno attorney Joey Gilbert, Gardnerville surgeon Fred Simon and venture capitalist Guy Nohra.

On Tuesday, Fiore, who was elected Nevada’s Republican national committeewoman in 2020, said she supported efforts to audit the state’s 2020 election result.

Fiore was born in Brooklyn, New York, and has lived in Nevada since 1993.  She voted against a bill requiring background checks before the purchase of firearms. She is highly rated (87%) by the Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI) conservative group.

Whoever survives the Republican primary will face Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak.

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