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Horsford Defense Local Water Source

Photo courtesy of United States Congress

Mesquite, Nev. — On Tuesday, November 26, 2019, Congressman Steven Horsford (NV-04) wrote a letter to the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada to oppose an impending oil and gas lease sale on December 17, which includes parcels that could negatively impact drinking water in the City of Mesquite, among other concerns.

“In Nevada, water is gold; it drives every aspect of economic life and viability. I strongly oppose any action that jeopardizes precious water sources,” Congressman Horsford wrote. “I request that the BLM give serious weight to the communities who have voiced their concerns and are directly impacted when considering the current and future oil and gas lease sales in Nevada.”

The current proposed oil and gas lease sale contains parcels that are located above the region’s water system’s aquifer supply, the sole drinking water source for the City of Mesquite and its neighboring communities. An accident in extraction could threaten the water supply for thousands of Nevadans in the Fourth Congressional District that Congressman Horsford represents.

Additionally, the potential contamination of the region’s water supply could pose avoidable risks to Nevada’s indigenous and tribal communities’ lands. The sale could also lead to damage of the wildlife, unique plants and vegetation, and outdoor recreation of the region, a mainstay of Nevada’s local economies. Some areas that could be affected by the sale include Great Basin National Park, the Ruby Lake Wildlife Refuge and the Ruby Mountains.

2019.11.26 - Horsford Opposition Letter to BLM Regarding Oil and Gas Lease
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