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Nevada Today

Nevada Today is a nonpartisan, independently owned and operated site dedicated to providing up-to-date news and smart analysis on the issues that impact Nevada's communities and businesses.


What’s Happening in Nevada Today? A Warm Welcome from an Old, Familiar Face (As in, Mine)

Hello, again. I know I’ve been rather quiet in the past few weeks, but I haven’t ignored what’s been going on out here. Let’s talk about where I’ve been, why you’re here, and what you can expect from me here at Nevada Today going forward.

Just what is Nevada Today about?

There’s plenty of information on the internet, including plenty of sites offering various types of “news”. How can you know who’s actually trustworthy? And where can you find information that’s truly relevant to your community?

We’re aiming to be your resource for news you can trust and views worth sharing. Our team already has experience covering many of the biggest stories Nevada has seen this decade, and we have no plans to let up here and now. You never have to fear any strange encounters with “fake news” or “alternative facts” here. Rather, we strive to get to the bottom of the story, however that ends up playing, with no special interest filters or partisan blinders attached.

We will be covering stories and checking for news breaks, but you can expect far more than just reports on one Washington, D.C. resident and his Twitter page. We plan to dive deep into Nevada’s water issues to determine how communities across this state are treating the American West’s most precious resource: water. We’ll be cutting through the rhetoric to examine the reality of gun violence. We’ll also be sharing the true life stories behind the heated rhetoric that’s plagued the local and national conversations on immigration reform. This is just a sampling of what you’ll find here at Nevada Today in the coming days.

What will I be doing here?

For starters, I want to have an extended conversation with you, the reader(s). When I assess the big picture and dissect the big ideas in my columns, I’ll look forward to hearing back from you. Feel free to chime in on our social media channels, but don’t be afraid to send us a more formal response as well. I’ll be looking for thought-provoking commentary from the community to share right here on our op-ed page, so please give me some good material to work with.

I’ll also be doing my best to report to you. Look for me on the front lines of the big protest on the Vegas Strip, in the hearing rooms in Carson City, and on the riser behind the “mosh pit” at the campaign rallies. I don’t just want to tell you what happened, but also take you behind the headline news to explain who’s making what happen, how it’s coming about, and why it matters to you. That’s the kind of “real news” journalism that you deserve.

Where are we going from here?

For starters, I’ll be heading back out to the field. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, get used to seeing me all over the place. If you’re in the Reno area or in a rural community, I’m hoping to pay your hometown a visit soon.

Since this is an election year, you can expect quite a lot of the analysis and forecasting that you came to love at my prior blogs. But keep in mind, I don’t want our conversation to end there. I don’t want us to stop at the who and what, but go deeper and explore the how and why.

I’ll be doing my best to answer your questions. I’m just hoping you’ll have some good questions that will really get me thinking (and writing). Ask away!

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