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Weekly Escape: Birthday at the Beach (Part 2)

There’s no sugarcoating this: We’re living in very tough times. One coping mechanism I’ve discovered is reviewing photos from my archive, revisiting images from happier times. So in order to spread the good cheer (instead of a deadly virus), the Weekend Lounge is open to give us the Weekly Escape where we can truly visualize a better world.

Want to come and escape with me?

It’s still hard to remember that this was just a month ago.
Photo by Andrew Davey

I miss the ocean. I miss the birds. I miss the walks along the sand.

But hey, at least we have these memories captured on camera.

Photo by Andrew Davey
Photo by Andrew Davey
Where are we?
Photo by Andrew Davey

Short answer: The happy place. Another short answer: Over here.

Obviously, this is not a good time to actually go there in person. However, we at least have these memories (and these photographic receipts!) to hang onto and revisit. And hopefully one day, we’ll get to return again.

Photo by Andrew Davey
Photo by Andrew Davey
Photo by Andrew Davey


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