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Trump Re-Open plan: Track Americans, Establishment Enforcement Corp

While Neo-Nationalist groups and like-minded elected officials scream foul about staying-at-home orders, their leader Donald J. Trump proposes tracking Americans through cellphone apps. Trump wants a Rapid Response Corps, under the guise of health care, to contact people who “may have” had contact with someone infected with the coronavirus.

Trump’s move reflects the drive of the George W. Bush administration following the 9/11 tragedy. He drastically expanded the Government’s surveillance powers to combat terrorism and ramped up efforts to secure its borders — creating new government agencies, federalizing airport security, and combing tens of millions of phone calls.

Almost two decades later, Bush controls remain comfortable trading off a portion of civil liberties in return for security.

In addition to civil liberty issues, Trump’s phased approach “will entail a significant risk of a resurgence of the virus.”

Any reopening must meet four conditions:

  • Incidence of infection is “genuinely low.”
  • A “well-functioning” monitoring system capable of “promptly detecting any increase in incidence” of infection.
  • A public health system that is “reacting robustly” to all cases of COVID-19 and has surge capacity to react to an increase in cases.
  • A health system that has enough inpatient beds and staffing to rapidly scale up and deal with a surge in cases.

The document calls for the CDC to establish a COVID-19 Response Corps to help state and local health departments with critical public health functions, including contact tracing, which involves locating people who may have had contact with someone infected with the coronavirus.

The plan also says that solutions for “app-based case and contact investigations will be necessary for augmenting the actions of public health workers and for greatly increasing the important role of slowing COVID-19 transmission in the community.”

The document calls for a workforce of 670 to support communities with contact tracing as part of a surge staff, not nearly large enough based on plans from other groups.

Here is his plan. Go to the bottom to scroll the pages .

plan to reopen america
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Michael McGreer Mesquite, Nevada
Dr. Michael Manford McGreer is managing editor of and writes on issues that impact public policy.

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