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This Week’s Update on the State of Our Democracy

On one hand, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has refused to testify to the U.S. House’s January 6 Committee on what he knew about what his boss – former President Donald Trump – was planning to do to stop current President Joe Biden’s inauguration and illegally stay in power. On the other, Meadows won’t stop blabbing about what he did and what the Trump White House did. And despite Meadows’ obstruction, House Democrats have compiled evidence that strongly suggests Meadows is helping Trump cover up his plot to overthrow American Democracy.

We now have ample evidence of Trump’s plan to illegally stop the transfer of presidential power to Biden, yet so far we’re just waiting to see if/when Meadows will face contempt of Congress charges for defying Congressional subpoenas. Other than the contempt of Congress charge that Steve Bannon now faces, the high-level offenders have yet to face legal consequences. Even Bannon is currently out on bail, and he’s still making anti-democratic threats on his podcast. And of course, Donald Trump himself continues to roam free and finish in 2024 what he began in 2016 (and what he tried to pull off this past January).

Where’s the urgency? There are just some things that require more than a White House summit in order to actually solve.

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