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The Virgin Valley Action Group of Mesquite (A Movement, Not Just a Moment)


Karen Dutkowski

By Karen Dutkowski

Following the inauguration of Donald J. Trump on January 20, 2017, several members of the Mesquite,, NV  community expressed shock, dismay, anger, and helplessness toward the coming months and years.  They feared a president who was suspected of having no skills in leadership or a shared value of their democracy.  They convened the following month to discuss what could be done.  Already, on a national level, some supported the Women’s Marches of January 21st, while others were enormously concerned about the new administration’s attempts to gut the Affordable Care Act, ban Muslims, and cut taxes for the wealthy.

One of the progressive campaigns successful in making the “Blue Wave” of the 2018 mid-term election a movement (and not just a moment) was led in 2016 by Ezra Levin, Jeremy Haile, Leah Greenberg, and Angel Padilla. This team of former congressional staffers anticipated potential threats to America in the new White House Administration, Senate, and Congress.  In an effort to make voices heard at the constituent level they published a 23-page handbook, Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda, and launched

Thus, the Virgin Valley Action Group of Mesquite was formed locally and registered nationally with Indivisible.  A charter was developed defining the objective, role, ground rules, and scope of the group:

Virgin Valley Action Group is a citizen advocacy group pledged to protect civil liberties, the environment, access to health care, immigrants and refugees, women, people of color, members of the gay and lesbian and transgender communities, and any other group, people, or issue threatened by national, state, or local policies. Anyone who shares these goals is welcome to join regardless of political or religious affiliation.

Virgin Valley Action Group met almost every two weeks since to share current information on prominent issues of our community, county, state and nation. Members make phone calls and write representatives to voice concerns. They submitted letters to the editors of newspapers, visited elected representatives’ offices, attended rallies and protests, and worked diligently to get out the vote.

This local forum desired to foster insightful and non-threatening discussions for solving issues threatening our community and American ideals by listening and responding with open and constructive ideas.  And then turn these discussions into action by voicing their concerns to those elected to serve.

The Virgin Valley Action Group was only one of over 3,800 Indivisible groups formed nationally to go on the defense.  The groups educated their communities on important issues, persuaded their elected officials to take notice with resistance activities, and drove family, friends, and neighbors to the polls.

Following the mid-term election this November, Indivisible released their new federal-level guide and state-level guide for the next phase called Indivisible on Offense. This means, from day one, these Indivisible groups intend on having elected officials make good on their campaign promises such as: election reform; protection for DACA, immigrants, LGBTQ, and other at-risk populations; ending gun violence; protecting investigations; access to health care and lowering drug costs; protecting the environment; and nominating qualified judges.

Beginning January 3rd, 2019, the newly elected members of the 116th US Congress will begin their challenge to regain trust of the American people. On that day, the new House plans on delivering H.R. 1, a reform package to restore and protect our democracy.  Already, over 40 Day-of-Action national events have been registered with Indivisible and those who are part of this movement will be telling their members of the new Congress that this is #OurHouse.

To find out more or join the local Virgin Valley Action Group on Facebook, go to:

To join and receive emails regarding the Virgin Valley Action Group meetings, actions, and information, email

This is a volunteer group and there is no cost to join.  Occasionally you may be asked to help with specific activities or achievements, such as registration, printing, or postage.

The group typically meets in Mesquite every other Friday in the afternoon or early evening.  Members agree to act lawfully, be respectful, use appropriate language at meetings, encounters, and discussions on Facebook, and to listen and respond with open and constructive minds.

Wave watch: The blue wave is growing.

Indivisible Guide.

The Women’s March 2017.


Virgin Valley Action Group on Facebook.

H.R.1, 116th Congress.

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