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The Revolution Is Now: How Sanders Scored a Royal Flush of Delegates in Las Vegas

As of this morning, all precincts have reported their Nevada Democratic Caucus results. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) has finished with a big lead in the pre- and post-realignment counts that we’re counting as the “popular vote”, and he’s finishing with an even more commanding lead in the county convention delegate count that will determine DNC delegate allocation.

How did Sanders do it? Now that we have more precinct data, I can take you across the Las Vegas Valley to show you exactly how he made it happen.

First, let’s review the statewide numbers.
Bernie Sanders
Photo by Andrew Davey

With 100% of precincts reporting, Bernie Sanders holds a 34.01% to 17.58% lead over former Vice President Joe Biden in the initial preference card count. Former South Bend (Indiana) Mayor Pete Buttigieg stands at 15.36%, and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) is at 12.82%. In the post-realignment count (where candidates not hitting 15% viability in precinct sites are eliminated from the delegate competition), Sanders holds an even larger 40.44% to 18.89% over Biden with Buttigieg at 17.32% and Warren at 11.52%.

Keep in mind that DNC delegate allocation is being determined by the county convention delegate count, so pay attention here: Sanders holds an eye-popping 46.83% to 20.19% lead over Biden in the county convention delegate count, with Buttigieg at 14.30% and Warren at 9.70%. Because Buttigieg, Warren, and the others are below 15% in this statewide county convention delegate count, they will not earn any of the 13 DNC statewide delegates who will be elected at the Nevada State Democratic Party’s convention this spring.

Photo by Andrew Davey

Yet because Buttigieg did clear 15% in some Congressional Districts (NV-01 offers five total DNC delegates, and the other three districts offer six each), The Appeal’s Daniel Nichanian (a famed journalist and election data expert) currently estimates Buttigieg will earn three DNC delegates while Biden earns nine and Sanders earns a whopping 24 of our 36 DNC pledged delegates. 

So how did he do it? Thanks to the Los Angeles Times’ phenomenal precinct results map, I can show you below. Building on our report from the Bellagio caucus site where Sanders cleaned up, we’re revisiting the Clark County precincts from our post-2018 election “Blueprint for a Blue Wave” series and checking on a couple new neighborhoods to see even more examples of how Sanders built his 2020 caucus victory.

Clark Precinct 4536 (Home to the world-famous East Las Vegas Cardenas)
Bernie Sanders
Photo by Andrew Davey

2020 Delegate Count

Sanders 14

Biden 6

10.90% of registered Democrats turned out

In 2016, this was one of the areas that delivered Hillary Clinton her caucus victory. In 2020, Sanders reaped the rewards of his robust organizing on the ground and long-time outreach to local Latinx communities. As we expected, Sanders and Biden fared best in East Las Vegas because of their efforts to connect with voters here.

Clark Precinct 4605 (Downtown Las Vegas)

2020 Delegate Count

Sanders 13

Warren 8

Buttigieg 6

20.31% of registered Democrats turned out

This is the kind of place I wanted to check in on. It’s a diverse mix of working class voters of color and upwardly mobile professionals, and we can see this to an extent with one of Buttigieg’s few big delegate hauls in Las Vegas’ urban core and Warren’s decent showing here.

Clark Precinct 4461 (North Las Vegas – Pearson Community Center)
Photo by Andrew Davey

2020 Delegate Count

Biden 14

Sanders 7

Steyer 5

6.33% of registered Democrats turned out

In this more heavily African-American neighborhood in North Las Vegas, Biden’s residual support held steady, though Sanders still managed to net some delegates here alongside billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer. As you’re about to see below, the delegate game looked very different elsewhere in the Las Vegas Valley with one key exception: Sanders and Biden were winning delegates throughout the region. 

Clark Precinct 3365 (TPC Summerlin)
Photo by Andrew Davey

2020 Delegate Count

Sanders 3

Buttigieg 2

Warren 1

20.21% of registered Democrats turned out

Clark Precinct 3363 (TPC Las Vegas, across Summerlin Parkway from Precinct 3365)

2020 Delegate Count

Klobuchar 4

Biden 3

Buttigieg 3

22.75% of registered Democrats turned out

Funny enough, Sanders did far better in one of the toniest enclaves of well-heeled Summerlin than I expected, so I included a nearby Summerlin precinct to offer a more accurately representative view of what happened across this area that’s generally whiter and more affluent than the rest of the Las Vegas Valley. As you can see, Senator Amy Klobuchar’s (D-Minnesota) and Pete Buttigieg’s “suburban strategy” paid real dividends here. And yet, Sanders’ and Biden’s broader appeal across the Democratic Party meant they were still picking up delegates here, too.

Clark Precinct 1510 (Henderson – Anthem Country Club)
Elizabeth Warren, Brandon Wolf
Photo by Andrew Davey

2020 Delegate Count

Biden 2

Buttigieg 2

Klobuchar 1

31.90% of registered Democrats turned out

Clark Precinct 6752 (Southwest – Mountain’s Edge)

Buttigieg 4

Sanders 4

Biden 3

Warren 2

17.85% of registered Democrats turned out

Clark Precinct 7693 (Henderson – Green Valley)

Sanders 5

Biden 3

Buttigieg 3

Warren 2

24.30% of registered Democrats turned out

Photo by Andrew Davey

As mostly expected, Buttigieg scored plenty of delegates across the southern tier of Las Vegas Valley suburbs, some of which are just as white and affluent as Summerlin. As expected, places like Anthem Country Club with robust inventories of multi-million dollar homes were solid regions for Buttigieg and Klobuchar. But in less top 1% heavy suburban areas where quite a few college-educated professionals of more modest means call home, areas like my own neighborhood in the heart of Green Valley, Sanders still did well and Warren scored delegates with her own message of “big, structural change”.

In case you want to dive even deeper into the Nevada results, stay tuned, because we’re about to head north to see where else Sanders netted delegates, where Warren, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar tended to run strongest, and where Biden barely even registered.

This story was updated at 1:40 PM to include the fully counted Nevada Caucus results.

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