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Battle Born Media Attack Golf Course Lacks Merit Part 3 of 6).

Mesquite, NV. In part one of Battle Born Media’s (BBM) five-part series “reporter” Barbara Ellestad grossly misrepresented the May 2018 lawsuit filed by Paradise Canyon, LLC, owner the Wolf Creek golf club against the Valley Water District (VVWD).

Barbara Ellestad

In Part 2 Ellestad twist the facts in a 2011 lease agreement between the two parties as she tries to defend against the lawsuit.

In part 3, she continues to take selective comments from a deposition taken by Virgin Valley Water District attorney Jedediah (Bo) Bingham and Cory Clemetson, a partner with his brother in Paradise Canyon as if that confrontation somehow proves that the case lacks merit.

In Part 3, Ellestad tries to make the point that the VVWD could claw back alleged unused water from Wolf Creek and lease that potion to the Nevada Water Authority (SNWA).

Ellestad knows or should know that in November 2017 and reiterated in May 2018 and again in August 2018, SNWA notified the district that it was unable to lease the clawed back surplus shares since doing so was inconsistent with Bureau of Reclamation Intentionally Created Surplus (ICS) accounting methodology.

Ellestad then points to a discussion in the deposition where Bingham asked, “Is all the water that Wolf Creek gets from the 155 shares that it leases from the District going on the Wolf Creek Golf Course?”

Clemetson pointed out that when his father and Dennis Rider owned Wolf Creek, they also owned the Cascades and irrigation and potable water had been used by all the entities through Wolf Creek’s lines.

Bingham is billing the public through the VVWD to throw spaghetti into the legal framework to avoid dealing with the real situation: The arbitrary and capricious nature of rate set by the water board. Ellestad is his public mouthpiece.

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