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NV Dems Skirt Chaos In First in the West Caucus

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From: Press NVDems <>
Date: Tue, Feb 25, 2020 at 1:14 PM
Subject: WRAP UP: NV Dems Conclude Successful Historic First in the West Caucus

NV Dems made history last week in hosting the most expansive, accessible and transparent caucus yet. We opened up our caucus process to include four days of in-person early voting–something no caucus state has ever done before. More than 75,000 Nevada Democrats turned out across four days making a total of more than 105,000 overall participants in the First in the West Caucus.

Associated Press: Nevada Democrats skirt chaos that plagued Iowa caucuses

The stakes were incredibly high for Democrats heading into Saturday’s caucuses. Any further chaos could have undermined the party’s credibility in the candidate-selection process. Republicans have seized on the Iowa problems as a sign of Democratic incompetence.

“Things have been going as expected and the state party is proud to have been able to hold caucuses without the mess we saw in Iowa, while also making history by being the first in the nation to include early voting in our caucuses,” said Jon Summers, a senior adviser to the state party.

The Nevada Independent: After Iowa, Nevada Democrats entirely redesigned their caucus process in two weeks — and it mostly worked

It was a process that was easy enough with the apps. It became a Herculean task without them.

But somehow, it worked.

On Caucus Day, precinct chairs opened the covers on the party-purchased iPads they had been assigned to reveal a browser-based Google Form tool, which they used to step-by-step report results from in-person attendees and reveal results from early voters. Precinct chairs who had been fretting for days about whether it was all going to work were pleasantly surprised.

Washington Post: Winners and losers from the Nevada Democratic caucuses


Nevada: The only Western state to hold an early nominating contest can get lost between the hype of Iowa and New Hampshire and the weight of South Carolina’s majority-black Democratic electorate. But Nevada has doggedly made the argument that it matters, and that seems to have resonated with the Democratic Party.

The Post’s David Weigel reports that candidates repeatedly celebrated on the campaign trail the state’s diversity, with Hispanic, Asian American, black and white voters. In a still very undecided race, national media focused in on Nevada. And Nevada reflects an electorate the candidates will need to win in the general election, with union and non-college-educated workers in a purple state.

Las Vegas Sun: Bracing rain, caucusgoers add to strong early vote turnout

The worry ahead of Saturday’s Democratic presidential caucuses in Nevada was that they would be as chaotic as the ones in Iowa, which were tainted by delayed results and reports of inaccurate delegate tallies.

Yet, the biggest hurdle to overcome turned out to be the weather.

It was raining for the first time in months in the Las Vegas-area as voters started to arrive Saturday at Coronado High School to participate in the caucuses. Once the caucus ended for most precincts around 2 p.m., the sun was shining again. More importantly, the process seemed to go off with little troubles, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., was declared the winner by 5 p.m.

Las Vegas Review Journal: Nevada’s caucuses see big turnout

More than 105,000 people participated in the Nevada Democratic presidential caucuses, the second best turnout since Nevada won an early spot on the nominating calendar in 2008.

According to the state Democratic Party, 105,195 people cast ballots in the caucuses on Saturday and over four days of early voting, more than the 84,000 who voted in 2016 but fewer than the 117,000 who participated in 2008. That turnout represents 17.2 percent of the 610,911 active registered Democrats in the state.

KLAS: Strong turnouts, NV caucus a success

The Nevada State Democratic Party says that the reporting of results is taking about as long as they expected it to. They are happy with how everything went, especially given all the last-minute changes.

“For things to go as smoothly as they have today is really remarkable,” said Jon Summers, Senior Adviser for the Nevada State Democratic Party.

A success in the Silver State — that is how the Nevada State Democratic Party is describing Saturday’s caucus.

Reno Gazette Journal: Nevada Democratic Caucuses: Overall turnout topped 2016 totals

Turnout on Caucus Day itself may have been underwhelming, but the number of participants in the Nevada Democratic caucuses reached roughly 100,000, according to the Nevada State Democratic Party.

About 25,000 voters took part in the caucuses on Saturday, Feb. 22, short of the approximately 84,000 who participated on Caucus Day in 2016. However, 75,000 voters took advantage of early caucus voting Feb. 15-18 — a procedure that didn’t exist during the last cycle. That brought participation to nearly 100,000, about one out of every six Nevada Democrats.

KSNV: ‘It wasn’t Iowa’: Nevada Democratic officials claim success after caucus

“This has been a really big day for the state,” said Nevada Democratic Senior Adviser Jon Summers.

A big day that was weeks in the making.

Nevada Democratic leaders vowed that what happened in Iowa would stay there, and Saturday night, party officials say the Silver State exceeded expectations.

KTNV: Nevada sees surge in voter turnout for 2020 First in the West caucus, Democratic Party says

The Nevada State Democratic Party says the state saw a surge in caucus voter turnout for First in the West caucus this month compared to 2016.

In a press release to the media, the party shared the following breakdown: Roughly 100,000 Nevadans total participated in their precinct caucus,  Nearly 75,000 turned out during the historic four days of in-person early voting, 25,000 turned out on Caucus Day Total turnout was nearly 16,000 higher than in 2016.

KVVU: Nevada Democrats see largest turnout for caucus since 2016

NV Dems said total turnout in 2016 was 84,000. The Democrats gave credit to the four days of in-person early voting for the boost in voters at the polls.

Citing a Washington Post entrance poll, NV Dems said 35% of Nevadans who caucused were non-white. NV Dems also said a majority of Nevadans who caucused were first-time caucus-goers.

KTNV: Nevada State Democratic Party calls this year’s caucus ‘a phenomenal victory’

After Iowa’s disastrous caucuses, Nevada Sate Democratic Party chairman William McCurdy says they had to revamp their entire process from early voting to caucus day. In two weeks.

“We kept our heads down, we got to work and we delivered – in a major way.”

KLAS: I-Team: Nevada State Democratic Party touts successful caucus

The state party had to switch plans in less than three weeks after the app they planned on using failed in the Iowa caucus. The caucus was finished by Saturday afternoon, and results were slowly released.

By Monday, they were all in. “We took our time to go through ’em, and that’s what the voters deserve, and that’s what the campaigns deserve, accuracy,” said state party Chairman William McCurdy II.


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