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Notes on the Republican NV-Gov Debate That Should Have Been

This should be a recap of tonight’s KLAS/8 News Now Republican gubernatorial debate. This should be my hot take on what happened when Attorney General Adam Laxalt (R), Treasurer Dan Schwartz (R), and fellow candidates Jared Fisher and Fred Conquest finally met on the same stage to answer the tough questions. Instead, this is my rant on how Nevada Republican voters were just robbed a major opportunity to get to know their candidates by one of those very candidates. So here goes.

What happened?

Just last week, it looked like the Republican debate was on. There didn’t seem to be any objections by any party, and the DVR was already set to record this debate after I watched KLAS’ Democratic debate.

And then, it suddenly became no more. Over the weekend, Laxalt’s campaign claimed the debate could no longer occur because “several of the candidates did not meet the minimum criteria for participation”. Laxalt’s campaign went on to accuse Schwartz of failing to qualify by KLAS’ standards, even though KLAS approved him on May 1. Ultimately, the station agreed to scuttle the debate and use tonight’s allotted time to instead air four interviews of the above named Republican candidates.

Last week, Democrats Chris Giunchigliani and Steve Sisolak debated twice. Both times, they were forced to answer tough questions on taxes, education, economic development, gun violence, and the campaign ads they and their allies are deploying against each other. And generally, both leading Democrats have done events in public.

Why is this a problem?

Thus far, some of the Republicans have made an effort to communicate with voters in fairly open settings. One most definitely has not. Adam Laxalt has rarely done publicly accessible events, and he’s rarely answered questions from constituents or local media.

Tonight should have been Laxalt’s chance to answer some questions and prove to Republican voters that he’s the one they want. Instead, his campaign is playing “the blame game” while voters are left with a very raw deal.

As voters begin casting their ballots, they deserve answers. Tonight could have been the time when Nevada Republican voters found some answers. Instead, here I am writing about a debate that never happened. What’s wrong with this picture? Well, that’s a question I’ll let Nevada Republicans answer.


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  1. If you like Scott Pruitt at EPA you will love Laxalt.

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