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Nevada Governor Re-Opens Golf, Pickleball and Tennis With Guidelines

Nevada governor Steve Sisolak has been a proactive governor during the crisis, issuing early stay-at-home orders to protect citizens and require them to remain home.

Governor Sisolak issued a stay-at-home order early on, requiring non-essential businesses to close and citizens to stay at home unless they had to go obtain emergency services, get food, get light exercise or work at an essential business.

After a few days of the initial order, golf courses were allowed to remain open. However, he decided to close courses after seeing photos of golfers ignoring the advice .

“What has changed since then is I had a multitude of pictures sent to me that showed people were not practicing good social distancing,” he said. “Some folks again chose not to follow the rules and as a result we are closing the golf courses.”

In a new order that will start May 1, golf courses will be allowed to open again. Golf courses will be opening along with other activities, like pickleball and tennis, provided social distancing guidelines are followed.

Courses are required to close gathering spaces, like clubhouses, locker rooms, lounges and the like. Golfers have been required to leave quickly after their rounds. Courses have taken precautions to remove shared surfaces like bunker rakes, ball washers and water coolers. Tee times have been spaced out, and golfers are required to observe social distancing guidelines. Cups and holes will be removed from practice greens.

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