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Joe Biden Cements His Nevada Lead as Election Results Become Clearer

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is winning Nevada, and he’s ahead in Arizona and Pennsylvania. He’s very much on track to become the 46th President of the United States of America.

Here’s how it’s happening, and here’s why we can breathe a sigh of relief that this election does not entirely come down to us.

Told you so: As more Clark County numbers come in, Democrats finally grow their leads.
(Editor’s Note: I updated this story at 3:40 PM to add in new election results.)
Joe Biden, 2020 Election, early voting
Photo by Andrew Davey

Yesterday, we listened in as Culinary Union leaders and other UNITE HERE officials from across the nation explained their robust field program that identified Biden voters and turned them out in Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. Today, we’re seeing more evidence in the latest ballot drops that getting out those votes made all the difference.

As of 3:40 PM today, Joe Biden has just north of a 22,000 raw vote lead statewide, or 1.79%. Several rural counties dropped updates that added to President Donald Trump’s robust lead there, but that wasn’t nearly enough to offset the latest batches of Clark County ballots that were reported. Rather, Biden’s lead grew both in Clark and statewide because Democrats continue to dominate in the vote-by-mail (VBM) count, just as we expected when we were keeping track of early voting numbers before Tuesday.

Joe Biden
Photo by Andrew Davey

And it’s actually not just Biden: Reps. Steven Horsford (D-North Las Vegas) and Susie Lee (D-Las Vegas) have expanded their leads in their respective districts, and State Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro (D-Las Vegas) pulled ahead in her SD 6 legislative race. As more Clark VBM’s continue to come in, it’s looking more likely that SD 5 candidate Kristee Watson (D-Henderson) will eventually pull ahead in her legislative race.

From what we’ve seen so far with the remaining Nevada ballots, it’s far more likely that Democrats gain more ground than it is for Trump to reverse these recent losses for him. He really is nearing the end of the road, Nevadans can really start to breathe more sighs of relief, and we all really need to remain patient and let our fine election officials do their job.

What else is happening across the nation, and what does this mean?

Though Donald Trump gained a bit more ground with the last report from Maricopa County, he’s not gaining at the pace he needs to overtake Biden in Arizona, and there’s evidence that later reports from there won’t be any better for Trump. Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden took the lead this morning, and it’s looking unlikely he’ll lose it since the lion’s share of the remaining ballots are in Philadelphia and its nearby suburbs, where Biden is winning overwhelmingly. Add to this Biden pulling ahead in Georgia, and the remaining set of ballots looking more likely to firm up Biden’s lead a little more. 

As more ballots get counted, the overall picture becomes clearer: Joe Biden is set to win this election, and he’s set to win despite Trump’s repeated efforts to undermine the free and fair nature of this election through his frivolous lawsuits here in Nevada and elsewhere, his allies’ propaganda machine going into full drive via conspiracy collectives like QAnon, and his adopted party’s commitment to voter suppression policies that make it more difficult for Americans to vote. 

As more ballots get counted and reported, the overall landscape is starting to resemble more of the final pre-election forecasts and less like a repeat of 2016. Still, with that said, we can’t ignore that the overall electoral landscape looks less like a “blue tsunami” and more like a series of blue ripples that should be enough to wash Trump out of office.

In the days ahead, we’ll take a closer look at these results, especially our own results here in Nevada, and assess what these most curious results means for Joe Biden’s potential presidency, for future changes to the federal government’s COVID-19 response, and for the future of the still dangerously fragile nature of American democracy. But for now, at least we here in Nevada and take some kind of comfort that the overall election results are shaping up in a way that should take some pressure off our election officials and let all the rest of us finally catch our breaths and get some rest.

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