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Nevada Today is a nonpartisan, independently owned and operated site dedicated to providing up-to-date news and smart analysis on the issues that impact Nevada's communities and businesses.

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In Memory


1Early life (1732–1752)

2Colonial military career (1752–1758)

2.1French and Indian War

3Marriage, civilian, and political life (1755–1775)

3.1Opposition to British Parliament

4Commander in chief (1775–1783)

4.1Siege of Boston

4.2Battle of Long Island

4.3Crossing the Delaware, Trenton, and Princeton

4.4Brandywine, Germantown, and Saratoga

4.5Valley Forge and Monmouth

4.6West Point espionage

4.7Southern theater and Yorktown

4.8Demobilization and resignation

5Early republic (1783–1789)

5.1Return to Mount Vernon

5.2Constitutional Convention of 1787

5.3First presidential election

6Presidency (1789–1797)

6.1Cabinet and executive departments

6.2Domestic issues

6.2.1National Bank

6.2.2Jefferson–Hamilton feud

6.2.3Whiskey Rebellion

6.3Foreign affairs

6.4Native American affairs

6.5Second term

6.6Farewell Address

7Retirement (1797–1799)

7.1Final days and death

8Burial, net worth, and aftermath

9Personal life

9.1Religion and Freemasonry


10.1Abolition and emancipation

11Historical reputation and legacy



11.1.2Places and monuments

11.1.3Currency and postage

12See also





13.3.1Print sources

13.3.2Primary sources

13.3.3Online sources

14Further reading

15External links

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Dr. Michael Manford McGreer is managing editor of and writes on issues that impact public policy.

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