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Gun Violence, Racism and the Rise of Domestic Terrorists in America

Gun violence in America is simply out of control. How many more men, women and children need to be slaughtered before Congress acts on this pressing issue? This is especially true when it comes to AK-47 type assault guns. Hunters don’t need them to hunt animals. In fact, the only use for such a weapon is to hunt people and kill them.

Gun violence is a danger to all Americans. Shamefully, this includes elementary, middle and high school children. Children are being slaughtered in their schools, but what does Congress and the President do?  Nothing! They do absolutely nothing except for the House which is finally under Democratic control. The House has begun passing meaningful gun safety reform, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to allow the Senate to even consider such legislation. Maybe that will change after this weekend, but somehow, I doubt it.

The Senate and the President are not acting in the interest of the people. They are acting on behalf of and in the interest of the NRA and similar groups. Instead of passing legislation such as a ban on assault style weapons, they do nothing. In 2004, a federal ban on assault weapons expired. Our corrupt politicians neither have the will nor the guts to once again ban these weapons of mass murder.

To make the situation even worse you have a President making racist comments and encouraging violence towards those he does not agree with on policy, and many times purely because they do not look like he does. The President recently verbally attacked 4 minority Congresswoman telling them to go back to where they came from and spewing forth all sorts of incendiary language designed to incite his base.

The latest series of terrorist attacks carried out this weekend and last weekend in America by white males targeted minorities. These cowardly terrorists were just carrying out the hateful, inciteful message that the President has been conveying to them and his supporters.

It is a sad day in America when we are not safe sitting outside at a café; enjoying a food festival; or watching an outdoor concert on the Las Vegas strip. We fear being shot dead in our places of worship including synagogues and churches. The hate speech coming from the President and others combined with the failure to restrict the sale of guns in this country is responsible for the deaths of countless numbers of Americans.

It is time to keep guns out of the hands of those likely to harm themselves and/or others. Ban assault style weapons, and require full background checks for all gun purchasers. Our lives depend on it. You can still have guns to defend yourself from an attack at home, to go target shooting, and to go hunting. The time for thoughts and prayers is over. It is over. It is time for action. It is time to vote out every yellow-bellied politician who opposes meaningful gun control legislation.



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  1. Philippe Theriault

    Beautifully said. Well written.

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