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Congressman Horsford Announces Distribution Of $33.5 Million in HUD Grants

Photo courtesy of United States Congress

Las Vegas, Nev. — Today, Congressman Steven Horsford announced that Nevada will receive roughly $33.5 million allocated in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Support (CARES) Act via the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Emergency Solutions Grants. This funding will support homeless Nevadans and individuals at risk of becoming homeless because of hardships such as job loss, wage reduction, or illness due to COVID-19.

“During this unprecedented pandemic, our response has included a concentrated effort to assist those among us who are the most vulnerable, including those who are currently experiencing homelessness or who may face homelessness due to furloughs or other loss of wages. Today, those families have access to additional much-needed help,” Congressman Horsford said. “Nevada has been the hardest-hit economically in this pandemic, and we must continue to care for those still needing additional support, even as our state reopens. I voted to approve this funding to ensure that we are able to take care of every Nevadan, from providing a place to rest their heads safely, to ensuring they have enough to eat, to providing services that can assist in finding long-term housing solutions.”

Congressman Horsford voted in the CARES Act to provide $4 billion for HUD’s ESG program for local governments to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus among individuals and families who are homeless, receiving homeless assistance, or are at risk of becoming homeless.

The following awards were made to Nevada:

State Name Amount
NV Las Vegas $8,357,531
NV North Las Vegas $3,071,445
NV Reno $3,579,927
NV Clark County $12,264,384
NV Nevada Nonentitlement $6,179,560

The funding allocated today can be used to:

o   Make more emergency shelters available for homeless individuals and families.

o   Operate emergency shelters by providing food, rent, security, maintenance, repair, fuel, equipment, insurance, utilities, furnishings, and supplies necessary for their operation.

o   Provide Hotel/Motel Vouchers for homeless families and individuals.

o   Provide essential services to people experiencing homelessness including childcare, education services, employment assistance, outpatient health services, legal services, mental health services, substance abuse treatment services, and transportation.

o   Prevent individuals from becoming homeless and rapidly rehouse homeless individuals.

Congressman Horsford also voted in favor of the HEROES Act, which passed the House, and would provide an additional $11.5 billion in Emergency Solutions Grants. It now awaits consideration in the United States Senate.


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