Cliven Bundy, Donald Trump, coup, range war, fascism, authoritarianism, Web of Hate

Web of Hate: Range War Reboot

In April 2014, the Bundy family declared “range war” against the federal government and democratic rule of law. One seemingly “fringe” state legislato

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1 October, Three Years Later

Three years ago this week, the Las Vegas Strip changed. Though the untrained eye may not notice anything different, many of us here in Southern Nevada

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Colorado River, climate change, drought, Lake Mead, water, On the Water Front

On the Water Front: Shortage

Just last month, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation officially declared a Tier One Shortage for both of the Colorado River's major reservoirs. Last week,

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Beneficial Use. Who Benefits?

The latest in the three-year-old civil case filed by the owner's Paradise Canyon (DBA The Wolf Creek Golf Club) against the Virgin Valley Water Distri

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