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Buttigieg Supports Join Reno Women’s March

Barnstormers in the Women’s March passing under the Reno Arch.
Sheila Smith from New York driving the Mini Petemobile from Las Vegas to Reno

Reno, NV:  The Pete Buttigieg Presidential Campaign was a major presence at the Reno Women’s March, Saturday, January 18th.  Over 250 Buttigieg supporters joined the March, many of whom were “Barnstormers for Pete.” The Reno Women’s March provided a perfect venue for the Barnstormers to support two of their favorite causes, Women’s Rights and Pete for President. The Barnstormers came from all over the country to attend the March and to canvas Reno for the Buttigieg Campaign.  A small contingent of Andrew Wang supporters and Bernie Sanders supporters also marched – their numbers were eclipsed by the Buttigieg contingent.

Nelda Martinez addressing Women’s March.

After the march, the thousands of marchers gathered in the Reno Convention Center for a program of speeches and entertainment. Representatives and surrogates of the Presidential Campaigns were last on a very ambitious agenda. By the time the campaigns spoke, the crowd had mostly left as well as most of the volunteers from the other campaigns. The Barnstormers stayed late and lent their enthusiastic support to the Pete Buttigieg surrogate, former Corpus Christi mayor Nelda Martinez.  After Mayor Martinez spoke, the Barnstormers stayed to listen to and to support the other campaigns.

Barnstormers for Pete is a grassroots organization that supports Pete Buttigieg for President. They are enthusiastic and energetic voters that are well known to the campaign, but not affiliated with Pete for America campaign. They are holding several events to support Pete Buttigieg in all four of the early primaries, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.  In Reno last weekend, they had approximately 200 members in attendance representing 21 states including all of the early voting states.

George Biaggi and Amanda King, canvassing Reno for Pete.

As a service project, the Barnstormers for Pete collected donations of personal items for the Nevada Youth Empowerment Project. Large boxes of supplies were collected from Buttigieg supporters all over the country.  Many of the Barnstormers spent their entire long weekend canvassing for Buttigieg throughout the greater Reno area.

What is next for the Barnstormers for Pete? They are headed back to Iowa for caucus day, where they will be canvassing and working on getting out the caucus.

Next, they are headed to South Carolina to lend a hand in the grassroots efforts and again, to get out the caucus. Between now and then, it would not be a surprise if we see the Barnstormers back in Nevada canvassing for Pete before our February 22 caucus.

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