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Nevada Today

Nevada Today is a nonpartisan, independently owned and operated site dedicated to providing up-to-date news and smart analysis on the issues that impact Nevada's communities and businesses.


A Few More Notes on the State of American Democracy

We’ve known for some time that American Democracy is deep in an existential crisis. This has never really been a secret, yet this crisis just hides in plain sight. And even worse, far too many of those who are specifically tasked with defending our democracy instead pretend that this crisis doesn’t even exist.

Even as experts on democracy and authoritarianism continue to sound the alarms on what lies ahead, far too many of our elected “leaders” continue to fall behind the curve. In case anyone still wonders why I increasingly find this beat so damned depressing, here you go. In case anyone asks how we can zap this depression already, try fixing the actual problem instead of gaslighting us into denying the stark reality that’s in front of us all.


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